Muscles are very known for their Sharp loud noise and what else can we expect from a V8  Muscle car that can inevitably kill the Quarter-mile and the noise that can terrify anyone and annoy your neighbors with its sharp loud exhaust!

The Ford has come up with this amazing new feature which will conditionally make everyone happy and content and neither your neighbors will ever get annoyed and call the cops. The idea was executed by the Engineers of Ford when Steve von Foerster, former head of vehicle engineering for Ford Motor Company, actually dealt with the cops after his neighbors got exasperated by the excessively loud noise near Suburban Detroit. That really happens in Pakistan too, never heard of any complaint like that ever filed yet, but still. We all love the noise but the fact remains the same that not everyone is getting the Joy of your muscle! Ford is making you, your own sound engineer by giving you the charge to control the exhaust system. You will be able to Silence the exhaust system by using the “Quiet start” and “Quiet Exhaust” modes whenever you want to.

What’s so special about the feature that Ford has claimed? The driver can actually put the car in silent mode whenever he wants it to be. The use of the controls given on the steering, the driver can specifically set the exhaust system with the different silent modes. The Quiet mode drops the noise level by 10 to bearable 70 decibels. The system also includes Sports, Track, and Normal mode, Making it a perfect package.

Besides this feature, if we talk about the redesigned Mustang 2018, the new Facile front is less sleek and having a subtle aggressive look, more muscular than before. The Front lights are slightly smaller as compared to the current model, Having three Strips of LED daytime running lights. Lower hood, Larger bumper with a new metal sheet and a horizontal turn lights will prove to be a stand out on a Mustang styling. Moving to the back end, no vivid changes could be seen on a revised bumper and LED taillights. The Interior looks pretty fine after some modern upgrades. The 12″ LCD instrument cluster is the first ever all-digital display we’ll see on a Mustang. Customize colors, choosing the gauges you like is the new cool Mustang is coming with.


On the performance side, Ford has dropped the idea of the V6 engine from the Mustang lineup this year and now offers 2 models with the different engines. Starting with the 2.3L Eco-boost, It’s a four-cylinder turbocharged engine with remarkably increased torque, Thanks to the Transient overboost function. And Dual-injected 5.0 Liter V8 Engine powered by Blue Oval is for the GT. Enthusiasts who want more power can go with the GT for sure. The upcoming model has improved port fuel-injection systems to deliver more power and give better gas mileage.  However, the exact figures of gas mileage haven’t revealed officially yet. Moving to the transmission, Ford will offer six-speed manual transmission and a brand new 10-speed automatic which replaces the current six-speed unit.

The car is unmistakably Mustang, Performance runs in its veins. The upcoming Mustang is fully equipped with high-tech features ever than before. The 2018 model will be the first one to have the driver-assist systems, which already is available in other mainstream cars including a pre-collision system and lane-keep assist. Ford will also introduce a mobile phone application named Fordpass. By using the application owners can start, lock, unlock and locate their cars.


Mustang will be out for sale worldwide in the fall. Prices and information about technical specifications will be released a couple of weeks before the car lands in the showrooms.



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