The Internet is full of stories about how celebrities went crazy over their movie’s promotions and did things crowd wasn’t expecting. And definitely, the coveted name of the movie is not really enough to drive the crowd to the theatres. Promotional strategies mean a lot where celebrities do their best to get the attention of the crowd leaving no stone unturned to be exalted. From doing haircuts to people, dub mashing, moving across the countries wearing the outfits of their own characters in the movie and Reality shows appearances. Actors always try out some distinct strategies to arouse the hype.

The comedy-thriller movie Na Maloom Afraad was released in 2014 and now the sequel of the film is released on the first day of Bakra Eid. On 16 August 2017,  Some of the leading casts of the movie like Fahad Mustafa, Hania amir and Mohsin Abbas in collaboration with Pakistan Bikers and Adventure Club (Biker Gang in Karachi) rode together and were rocking the roads of Karachi. Bikers and the celebrities gathered at Macdonald’s, Askari IV from where the party began. Fahad Mustafa was also caught riding a Kawasaki Z1000 like a pro and Mohsin Abbas sitting behind him. The Stuntmen of Team PBAC did burnouts at The Place, Phase VIII DHA. where the party came to an end.



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