Welcome to the new era of supercars that has just begun in Pakistan. Since last year a drastic change has been observed in the imports of Supercars in the country. High-end sedans or SUV’s are not what we are going to be talking about but instead, we are here to talk about sports vehicles such as GTR, Mustang, I8 and the list goes on and on. Mind it! all of these cars were imported JUST during the period  2016 and 2017 but yes, 2017 was the luckiest year of all especially for the petrol heads of Pakistan as we got to see high-end imports including ( G63 6×6 BRABUS, AMG GT and 2 Audi R8 V10 2017). Not only did we see individuals importing vehicles but we also saw the Automotive Industry especially executive class automobile manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes in action with the increase in availability of different variants from their production line. However, it is one hell of a challenge for the local automobile industry who have been running on a monopoly. Time is changing, The market for the sports ostentatious has never been stronger than this before.

Now, let’s talk in depth about the American performance Supercar from the beginning. In 2017, a couple of Corvette C7 Z51, performance package were imported to Pakistan through local and personal imports. They were just a Standard version Stingray. but wait, Recently a new Corvette Z06 2016, was also spotted in Karachi and it is a pure beast! It’s officially the first and the only Z06 Corvette 2016 in Pakistan.

Let’s move on to examine the tech side of this beast.



As compared to the previous models, days of poorly assembled Corvettes with shoddy interiors are long gone. Because of inexpensive (Comparing with other Super Cars), spectacular performance, and Advanced features, The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2016 is undoubtedly one of the world’s best sports-car bargain.

The 7th Generation Z06 2016 is the latest profoundly Crazy Corvette. This car is so fast and so much capable of its performance, that you won’t even believe that it exists.

It has 650 HP, 650-pound-feet of torque, electronically controlled differential, magnetic shocks, and the stability control, which makes Z06 very sophisticated. There is a lot of tech happening behind this 650 Horsepower. Vette Z06 has virtually no weaknesses left and can compete well against any high-end sports car.



A nicely leather-wrapped steering is ideal in every single way. One of the most phenomenal features is the heads-up display, as you won’t even have to look down at the speedometer. Rest of the display is just like the standard Corvettes, There is a nice mix of Digital and analog gauges, you can pull the information regarding the performance in the middle of the screen. It has the standard 8-inch MyLink touch-screen infotainment which now includes Apple CarPlay, which makes the iPhone users able to access through the touchscreen rather than fumbling with their phones. A feature called Performance data recorder with its built-in track forward-looking camera is also an interesting and impressive feature of the car. One really amazing feature Corvette has is that when you hit the button which is just an inch away from the Navigation screen, the screen slides down and you have a large size cubby with another USB jack inside it clever, right? Features also include nine-speaker Bose sound system with two USB ports, an auxiliary audio jack, an SD card reader and satellite radio. There are different modes in which this car can spin like Weather, Eco, Tour, Sport, and Track. One can also adjust the exhaust level, stability control modes, and shocks manually.



The Z06 shares the regular Corvette’s removable roof panel and a power soft top. It has a specific sport-tuned suspension and a carbon fiber hood. This Z06 has an Aggressive front with curve chin and LED daytime running lights. Air intakes are on its sides. Tires are wide and sticky and have 20-inch glossy black rims with carbon ceramic rotors and adaptive dampers, which gives this car amazing brake performance. There are wider fenders up front to cover potentially way bigger wheels. All kinds of radical airflow and cooling management is around. It has a three aerodynamic package, which means an enhanced front splitter on the front and a big wing on the rear that takes about half of the rear mirror but thankfully, it is see through. Corvette Z06 also provides 15-cubic-foot cargo, which has enough room for the groceries and bags etc.



The Corvette Z06 has a supercharged 6.2-Liter LT4 engine with eight-speed automatic transmission, which cranks out 650 lb-ft of torque and a gonzo 650-horsepower. It can go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 secs easily and has a Top Speed of 200 mph.


If you’re looking for a sports car for all types of occasions, this car will serve you right. So we hope to see more Corvettes Z06s here, in the near future.



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