In Pakistan, The government never showed any interest towards Motorsports and never threshed out a way for these passionate car enthusiasts and racers who are full of talent and are in need of the diligence and support of the Government. Just like Other Sports, Motorsports is also considered as one of the biggest and lucrative sports Internationally and is always supported by the Government. But here in Pakistan no proper Drag strips or Race Tracks has ever provided to this young generation who wants to show their love and enthusiasm towards cars and Bikes.

Since the growing car culture here is inexorable, Government has started showing a slight interest and has supported some of the Off-Road Rallies which is organized every year in different regions like Cholistan, Thar, and Gawadar. And Thanks to Pakistan Army also which plays a great role to make these rallies happen and supports to the fullest. In the journey of growing Motorsports, Another good and effective step has been taken by Team FAS (Faislabad Autoshow) Which has been doing its part since a long time and is very known to every car enthusiast in Pakistan for organizing one of the biggest car show of Pakistan in Faisalabad.

Team FAS this time is organizing the biggest and professional Drag Show in FDA City Faisalabad (NEAR MOTORWAY, SARGODHA ROAD), which has never been organized before. Participants from all over Pakistan and mainly from Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Sialkot, in fact, some racers from Karachi too and different cities are going to be a part of this great event. The Automotive shows which we usually get to see here are Auto shows but this time it’s bigger and better than before. The race track is 1.1 Km long but the racing distance will be 400 meters (1/4 mile) and the other quarter-mile distance will be for the braking purpose so that the vehicle can be easily handled.

Keeping all the safety and security concerns for the audience in the notice, Fence has been ordered which is 550 meters long and with the help of the trench public will be 180 feet away from the track and no person will be allowed on Track except the management. Multiple food stalls including Dominos, Whoops will be there. Portable washrooms have also been arranged for the public. 3 to 4 screens will be set on the venue to be sure that everyone enjoys the show and nobody complains about the lack of visibility and distance.

All the quarter-mile runs will be calculated and figures will be mentioned on the Leaderboard. There are multiple categories, each category is consist of the cars with the engine sizes and the winners will be accordingly. The winners of these multiple categories will have the honor to receive the cash rewards from the honorable chief guests of the Event, The Law Minister Rana Sanaullah, Mayor of Faisalabad Mr. Razzaq Malik and a very well known car collector Sardar Hassan Sadiq. We wish them all the fortune and hope that the show goes as amazing as it is expected to be. And we request our Government to show their full support towards Motor Sports as this kind of activities can be helpful and meteoric and will reduce illegal street racing.

Here are all the rules and regulations shared by the proponent you may want know about:



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