Social sites like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook have been responsible for making people achieve their dreams. Since the basic proposition of these sites is for people to freely share their opinions, and upload content which encourages them to dig into their talent and unravel them before the world.

In Pakistan, we have always had a bunch of content creators whom I’m sure we all know about. These creators have been uploading videos solely based on humor, and prank videos. However recently a lot of people have started to make vlogs and it is all because of a guy named Irfan Junejo who started off as a YouTuber last year in 2017, with his unabated struggle and sincerity with his work he has become a bellwether.

In one of his video’s a year back he shared his passion with his limited subscribers about his obsession with Super Bikes. In this video, he also mentioned that buying a Yamaha R1 was his dream. Despite the fact that YouTubers in Pakistan don’t earn good enough, It just did not foil him from making content regularly. He was inclined to believe in himself which made him work hard and achieve his goal and his dream, as recently he bought Yamaha R1.

Today He is recognized across the borders due to his amazing skills and is considered as the best vlogger in Pakistan. He has set an example for everyone that dreams are achievable. Social media sites give us such a versatile platform through which we can be whatever we want, whenever we want and wherever we want.


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