Punjab government was working for one year to introduce the new universal number plates, however, no one could see it happening until now. As a couple of days ago, the Provisional government has officially confirmed the launch of universal plates and the project is expected to be initiated next month as the government has already launched the tendering process.

Universal plates will be based on the provinces instead of the traditionally allotted city-based plates. The codes of provinces will be replaced to the one official province-based codes. The purpose is to ensure a uniform numbering system. This may also affect the car prices as there is always been an issue to pay less for a car registered in a small city compared to the significantly larger city. This practice will come to an end as only province initials will be used on the plates.

As the number plates will be computerized, they will be linked with the cameras installed across the province as part of the safe cities project. The plates will come with the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) that will make them readable to the cameras which can be tracked anywhere. As for the format, the plate would state something like AAA 111, AAA 123.

The project has been appreciated by many departments, especially the excise departments and thinks it as a mean to reduce criminal activities which involve vehicles. The permission has already been given to initiate the Universal Number Plate by Chief Minister Punjab and the provincial cabinet.

The government has shown in launching vanity number plates too, that can be fully customized with the options of adding a custom text and a background photo.


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