The World is full of inspiring stories about people living their dreams and achieving their goals. If you are genuinely passionate about something and have credence then what is hard to achieve?

This warts-and-all story is about two guys named Sunain Yousuf and Asif Ali dashti from Karachi who just like other Motorsports Enthusiasts were crazy about Super Bikes decided to make a meetup place where they can get to have a good time with their fellow bikers back then in 2016. They were heedless of the potential of this emerging and growing market of Superbikes in town. Their obsession with bikes procured them to take their passion a step ahead to a professional level. So they started their Business of importing Super Bikes and selling them here.

The journey was definitely not easy after knowing the fact that the business they were going to start would possibly be ephemeral because of the good competition. As it’s not easy and elusive to build a good reputation and trust in the market and meeting the desires of the customer.

They got support from some very renowned people (Faisal bacha, Argan Tahir, Jhonny Bhai, Mohsin Bhai and Fawad Naeem) among the Motor Sports enthusiasts in Karachi and even Pakistan too. After going through all the consequences every successful business faces at the beginning, Now they have retained a good image in the market, their units get sold even before arriving at the port. Which is truly a cue of inimitable trust and the satisfaction of the customers. Today “The Bike Shop” is known to import high-end Super Bikes and selling them at a very competitive price which is their only USP. Recently they imported Karachi’s third Kawasaki Ninja H2 which now belongs to Doc wajahat who already has BMW 1000RR and Kawasaki ZX14R limited edition.

As their business has been meteoric and reared up, They are reopening “The Bike Shop” in DHA phase 8 (Shop #2 behind café Enigma, Murtaza Commercial), And the official opening of the new shop is on upcoming Saturday and Sunday (14th April and 15th April 2018). So if you are free in the evening and want to have fun with the loud revs of Superbikes then you would not want to miss this meetup.

If you are genuinely passionate about something then nothing can stop you from achieving it. There are so many real-life examples in front of us about people who work day and night to achieve their goals and their dreams, they don’t make excuses or find reasons to delay their work they just keep moving forward with a vision in their head and until and unless they achieve this vision they don’t stop hustling.


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