The Electric car market is growing rapidly in the world. And if we talk about Pakistan, It’s getting in demand, Not as huge as compared to other countries but yes we can predict that by the end of 2025 Electric cars will be doing big time in Pakistan too. Because obviously, the future of motoring is Electric cars.


Let’s have a talk about S model 75D which arrived in Lahore last month. The leading automotive brand when it comes to electric cars is Tesla without any doubt. Particularly, Tesla model S leaves no chance to impress you with its technological innovation. If you’re looking for a ” future car ” S model is a right choice for you. On your approach, it pops out its rear hidden door handles. Cool, No? The car’s software updates itself over a WiFi and you find new features when on the other day you hop in the car. Tesla is the first one to do so.


Inside of a Tesla is impressive and quiet. You’d be wowed for a while. and if not then you must consider anti-depressants. The seats are more squishy soft and better bolstering than the previous model. One of the stand-out features is the display in the center, a 17-inch touchscreen which is way too clear and responsive. The glass roof does a good job and is fine in the sunlight. The UV ray works nicely and the air conditioning keeps it cool inside. The traffic is on the map so you can plan your route before leaving. The back-camera is upgraded to 1080p since it’s displayed on a wider and high-resolution touch-screen so it’s super fine. The HVAC system is spectacular, Just set the temperature and relax. The HEPA filtration system makes a delightful breathing environment when you stuck in traffic around stinky diesel. The car is also improved for all the noises. You will experience the smoothest drive of your life with the coil spring suspension which is too good. It just eats up all the bumps, That’s what we ask for in Pakistan. It encourages you to plow over them without even slowing down, amazing right?


The Headlights are nice, crisp and bright. You wouldn’t get a chance to even use the high-beams because the spread of light is wide and bright.  The 19-inch rims are installed which doesn’t look bad at all. The S model is fast like a rollercoaster but less screaming. You can make this car go 0-100km/h in just 5.4 Seconds. It produces 416bhp and 442lb ft of torque. There’s no lag. Push the accelerator and off you go.


Since the First Tesla of Pakistan, Tesla S model 75 D arrived in Lahore last month. Many questions aroused regarding maintenance, Charging issues of Tesla. Because we have no Super-chargers in Pakistan to charge this tesla Quickly. Bmw dewan has charging stations in Karachi and Lahore. But the fact remains the same that Super-chargers are needed. So knowing the fact, you cannot travel long distance with the Tesla car that is very evident. Coming to the maintenance,  It requires less maintenance. You no longer have to worry about traditional oil changing, emission checks or fuel filter. The new Tesla vehicles come with the 4 years/ 50,000 miles limited warranty (whichever comes first) and 8 years, Unlimited mile battery and drive unit warranty. But Still, Tesla recommends an inspection after 12,500 miles, Where access fluid, wheel alignment, and coolant levels will be inspected and if necessary then potential parts will be replaced. But the question is how this is going to happen in Pakistan because there’s no service station of Tesla here. The answer is we don’t know yet because Tesla is unlike other supercars where you can take them to any local workshop which is known for checking a supercar. Tesla works differently. You will have to import the part if damaged or necessary but you cannot mess with its software.


Model S 75D is not so cheap lower-spec electric sedan that starts at around $59,000 and goes up to $145,000 (depends upon features) excluding federal tax credit which is $7500 and additional 3 to 5 thousand state credit. The one which is imported to Pakistan is around $75,000 and then if you add customs duty which is according to Pakistan custom Tariff 2016-17 is 50% on electric cars then it will cost you around $120,000. Not a bad deal though, Hoping to see Tesla collaborate with the government and local SIM providing company to give better services and make things bearable for Tesla owner in future.


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