For more than 3 decades, Suzuki Mehran has been the only cheap vehicle in the option for the middle-class people. The Big three ‘Suzuki, Honda & Toyota’ had retention upon the automobile markets of Pakistan and still, the vehicles of these companies are the most sold cars. Suzuki Mehran is the most popular and oldest car in Pakistan, which happens to be the only choice in cheap price since 3 decades and has a price tag of under a million rupees.

United a motorbike manufacturer-turned car company has taken an initiative against this monopoly and has promised to introduce one worthy rival of Suzuki Mehran with the same price tag but importantly more features and with better safety. Pictures of United Bravo has taken social media by storm because of a beautiful interior and a better-looking exterior.

The United Bravo is actually a rebranded Dahe Motor GH350 model by Luoyang Dahe New Energy Vehicle Co. Ltd of China. According to sources, United Motors have ordered 3,000 units of DH350s (Bravo hatchback) and signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese company for the future prospects. Also, the company applied for a copyright to Bravo design and submitted relative applications to the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO).

Reportedly, Bravo is equipped with 3 cylinder engine which has a displacement figure of 800cc and the interior resembles most Japanese cars, imported in Pakistan, however, seems a bit low-cost in comparison. The design of the car is minimal but modern if we compare it to the Suzuki Mehran’s decades-old design. We can also expect some additional features like LED Brake lights, lens headlights, anti-collision beam and fog lamps if United doesn’t degrade it.

The car is said to be launch in August 2018, however, there is no official confirmation on the exact date of launch or feature list. According to the rumors, it might get priced close to Rs. 8 lacs in order to compete with the Suzuki Mehran.



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