You have probably heard the term “Big Three” used in cricket, however, here in this article; it refers to the three momentous Automobiles in the industry, which are Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki. Recently, on Facebook, a campaign was started by a group of anonymous people who titled their movement as “Campaign Against Monopoly of Big Three” (CAMBT). The group’s Facebook page is rapidly growing because of the awareness they are spreading against the domination of these car companies over the Automobile industry for so many years.

We all are fully aware that the Automobile Industry of Pakistan is speedily growing, therefore; consumers are willing to buy more, however, because of the limited choice available they are restrained to buy from one of the three companies mentioned above. These companies, therefore, take full advantage of the monopoly they exist in by delivering low-quality products. They also don’t have the fear of being questioned because so far no better alternative is available so it is a cinch deal for them, an example of this is when the price of dollar fluctuates when it increases the prices of these cars also increases, however, when the dollar price decreases the prices of the cars remain the same.

The campaign has drawn a lot of attention because people are now actually frustrated by these companies and their insanely expensive vehicles. Though in the present year, we have seen companies like Hyundai, Kia, Renault & Nissan rising up to break the monopoly of the ‘Big Three’ but the story can go opposite too if these companies start to follow the same monopoly trend.

The story doesn’t end here on a campaign, The activists have actually further moved forward with their protest by filling an admonition against these companies in the Supreme Court. They have brought attention to how these companies are selling expensive vehicles in Pakistan; which are of low quality and are using decades-old designs, which are not even safe.  People, through this campaign, have demanded to decrease import duties and taxes and increase the safety features in locally produced cars. They are demanding that import duties and taxes should be decreased on the hybrid cars as well whereas safety features in locally produced cars should be increased. Some people also believe that decrease in import duties might deteriorate the sales of the ‘The Big Three’. Anyways it will soon become clear if the monopoly continues or whether the Supreme Court takes any action against it.




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