Everyone in Pakistan patiently waits for the arrival of the next new supercar because so many in recent times have been imported. People like Kunwar Moeez have also started to show interest in bringing hypercars to the country and is most likely bringing a Laferrari, And his Aventador S 2017 has reached to the Karachi port. So it is fair to say that the automobile industry is growing in Pakistan. On the other hand, the bike culture is also growing as auto shows and numerous rallies are being organized by different car/bike groups all around the country.

However, it seems like that this growth is being affected by the laws that are being imposed by the officials. I have tried to avoid this inevitable issue for as long as I could but things are getting a bit too out of hand and it is high time someone addresses these problems.


Few months ago, a very disturbing incident took place where a youngster lost his life on the Karachi track. After the incident took place, the police decided to impose a restriction on the holding of inner group events and tracks by the biker community. This ban was imposed without any investigation about the perpetrator or the victim. Later, the police themselves decided to further levy this ban on sports cars as well, and I am saying this because numerous events took place where the cars were stopped for absolutely no reason.

Here are some examples of such events; a year ago a Lamborghini Huracan was stopped by the traffic police in Islamabad and when the police officials were asked why they did that the only answer they had was that the car was “too loud and therefore, the driver was asked to remove the exhaust.” Then a month ago Nissan 350z was stopped at the check post in Hyderabad when it was cruising on the road. They confiscated the car and took the driver to the police station without any reason and lastly, I am sure everyone remembers the incident of Audi R8 where the driver went out for a spin in Karachi and was stopped forcefully by the police, who blamed the driver for over speeding when he was actually driving at a normal speed. Just to make it clear these car cruises are confined to a very specific area where only car enthusiasts and supercar owners are found but still, this turbulent attitude of the police force continued.


These supercar/superbike owners since the beginning have been demanding an official track where they could easily cruise without any restrictions however, their requests are always pressed down. It is extremely saddening because motorsport is considered to be one of the biggest and revenue generating sport, globally but nothing can be done where everything is handled by the incompetent people.




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