Wrapped up Lamborghini Aventador which isn’t revealing until late August was spotted in Nürburgring today and has reportedly broken the record of a Porsche 911 GT2RS and completed the lap three seconds earlier. Aventador SVJ has become the fastest production car ever around the Nordschleife.

For the past couple of days, Lamborghini has been testing this car and was revealing the videos featuring the Aventador SVJ making cogent moves in Nürburgring. The last record made by the company is with the Huracan Performate but due to some inconsistencies in the video, it was under criticism that the Lamborghini might have faked the video so it was difficult to entitle the lap. However Lamborghini tracked GPS telemetry data from Italian industrial supplier Remak for this record attempt, so it may prove its success beyond a doubt.

The specifications of this car have yet to be revealed but Lamborghini boasts about the SVJ that it’s equipped with “aero vectoring” active aerodynamics, redesigned from the ground up through CFD simulation and wind tunnel time. ALA also helps the car vary downforce in corners which Lamborghini claims increasing cornering speed. The Automaker claims that Lamborghini carries only 1.98 kilograms per horsepower putting the estimated curb weight at 1,503 kilograms.

It’s truly a masterpiece of wild tech and eloquent engineering contrived by Lamborghini which is a demonstration of more horsepower and less weight. Aventador SVJ set a time of 6:44.97, more than two seconds faster than the Porsche’s official time of 6:47.3.


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